A Science Communication Intervention: The Journey Begins

Classes start back next week, and I am ecstatic to serve as the teaching assistant for Marine Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Not only is this class one of the special few that teach real-world skills to undergraduates (GIS is a widely-used mapping software), I will test the effectiveness of my brand new science communication intervention in the classroom. The motivation behind it all? To teach students how to communicate effectively, a transferable skill that will serve them well no matter where their future paths lead.


Intervention Goals and Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this intervention, students will have reliably demonstrated the ability to write in an effective and compelling manner.

Given a prompt, students will be able to:

  • independently identify their writing purpose and motivation,
  • choose effective words and phrases to fulfill their purpose,
  • and compose an engaging and convincing narrative.


The Schedule:

Today, I write to introduce the intervention. Every week for the rest of the Autumn quarter, I will post about the communication topic we are discussing in class.




Week 1 9/26 Overview and Motivation
Week 2 10/3 Sentence Structure
Week 3 10/10 Purpose and Paragraph Structure
Week 4 10/17 Word Choice
Week 5 10/24 Jargon
Week 6 10/31 Demonstration
Week 7 11/7 Audience and Framing
Week 8 11/14 Review



3 thoughts on “A Science Communication Intervention: The Journey Begins”

  1. What a great initiative! I’m interested to see how you incorporate all of these topics into the coursework and how students engage with them throughout the class, especially as a class that allows them to think about real world applications so easily. Goodluck!


    1. Thanks! Every week, I’ll post about the topic and add a bit about how the students responded. I hope to eventually evaluate the effectiveness of this intervention and publish it in a peer-reviewed journal.


  2. […] students with communications skills to help them succeed in their early careers. I successfully implemented the intervention last academic quarter, and I am now moving on to evaluating the project with a blind review. After […]


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