Watch my Skype A Scientist LIVE session

I just had a blast on my Skype A Scientist Live session today! We chatted all about about mud, mangroves, sea-level, and how humans interact with coastlines (for better or worse). I answered your questions and showed some cool props from the field. If you weren't able to join me live, or just want to… Continue reading Watch my Skype A Scientist LIVE session

We’ve Inherited a Dam Problem

Morning had shifted to afternoon. Sun rays beamed through clouds and lit up evergreen slopes. A class of college students stood on top of Alder Dam in Washington State. A few feet to our left, a quiescent lake sprawled as far as the eye could see. A few feet to our right, past a chain-link… Continue reading We’ve Inherited a Dam Problem

Making My Way From Mountains To Mud: Part 3

We teach school children that science is inaccessible and scientists are socially inept. Crazy scientists hide behind lab benches. They are disguised beneath white coats and thick glasses. Their hair is disheveled, their motivations shady, their sentences long and entangled in complexity. I wasn’t impressed with this type of science. My journey into science wasn’t… Continue reading Making My Way From Mountains To Mud: Part 3

Making My Way From Mountains To Mud: Part 2

With the March for Science coming up, I've been thinking a lot about science advocacy and the public's relationship with science. I've learned that distrust between scientists and the general public goes both ways and that scientists have a responsibility to be both a voice for science as well as an ear to the public. Luckily for me,… Continue reading Making My Way From Mountains To Mud: Part 2

Turning Field Work into Field Play

As anyone who has spent a lot of time working outside knows, field work is long and hard. I’ve been on my fair share of research trips as an observational geologist working in the tropics and learned first-hand that field work is basically made from these ingredients: stressful planning, packing hassles, long flights, inevitable food… Continue reading Turning Field Work into Field Play