Making My Way From Mountains To Mud: Part 3

We teach school children that science is inaccessible and scientists are socially inept. Crazy scientists hide behind lab benches. They are disguised beneath white coats and thick glasses. Their hair is disheveled, their motivations shady, their sentences long and entangled in complexity. I wasn’t impressed with this type of science. My journey into science wasn’t… Continue reading Making My Way From Mountains To Mud: Part 3

A Local Perspective on Sea-Level Change

I’m sure you’ve heard this many times before… “glaciers are melting and sea level is rising”. At first glance, this is a simple concept that many people have already become tired of hearing about. But allow me to add a bit more intrigue; the intricacies of how sea-level rise is experienced differently around the world… Continue reading A Local Perspective on Sea-Level Change